KC/7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter



KC/7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter delivers highly accurate total consistency measurement based on true-phase measurement method of microwave signal. True-phase technology is the latest invention in the microwave field, to measure consistency.

KC/7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter is unaffected by variations in pulp grade (fibre length, freeness, kappa, brightness, colour, and shives) unlike other transmitters based on optical and shear force technologies. It is applicable close to the paper machine, after mixing chest and machine chest, and it is especially recommended at paper machines for mixed furnishes and fillers. In pulp production it is applicable before first bleaching stage, after bleaching before drying machine, at mixed pulps and fillers, broke and recycled pulps. KC/7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter is resistant to changes in process conditions such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, and turbulence.

With no moving parts the transmitter’s reliability can be guaranteed. Self-cleaning ceramic windows reduce contamination and since there is no need for regular preventive maintenance the running costs are low.