KC/5 Rotary Consistency Transmitter



KC/5 Rotary Consistency Transmitter is the most advanced consistency transmitter unit in the market. With its revolutionary direct-drive servo motor, KC/5 is a rotary transmitter that requires no compromises. Excellent consistency measurement performance, light weight design, simple installation and dramatically reduced maintenance makes KC/5 the new standard for rotary consistency transmitters. Its sophisticated maintenance menu includes friction measurement, reverse direction rotation to check zero point and automatically remove foreign objects.

Thanks to its patented built-in gate valve assembly, the transmitter can be installed and removed while the process is running without having to shut down or drain the line. Through KPM’s “state of the art” torque measurement technology the KC/5 provides quick and accurate consistency measurement. The sensitive and wide-range measurement sensor is applicable to all consistencies between 1,5–16%.

Installation cost is low since it is easily completed compared to traditional transmitters, and less maintenance is required. It does not need a 3-phase power supply neither contactor, nor motor starter in the electric room. All required hardware is included. Only single phase standard AC power supply is needed.

KC/5 is field repairable. No special training or special tools are needed. With no drive belt to change, KPM’s direct-drive servo motor is maintenance-free. KC/5 is easy to use and operate.