FT8620 series Smart Turning Fork level switch



The FT8620 serial smart tuning fork level switch is a general-purpose ultrasonic fork point control. It consists of an electronic unit and a furcated sensing element, used for level limitation or alarm. Sensing element material are 304SS or 316SS stainless steel without or with PTFE cover for slight/mid-level corrosion.

Operation Principle

Smart tuning fork switch stimulates the fork sensor through electrical circuit, make it vibrating and then send the signal back to the circuit, bring out resonance.  When there is some material touch the mechanical transducer part, the vibration frequency and amplitude will change till the sensor suffering over-boundary drag, the whole electro-mechanical loop will stop vibration. While the electrical part will send a output signal indicate there is material on the sensor. After the material leaves the sensor, the vibration of the electro-mechanical loop will come back to work automatically, until the amplitude and frequency above the limitation value, the circuit will send another signal indicate there is no material on the sensor