FT8051serial RF admittance



FT8051serial RF admittance Well Detector adopts RF admittance plus three-terminal driven-shield technology. It is comprised of one electronic unit, one connecting coaxial cable and one cable sensing element (or probe), either integral or remote installation could be chosen by clients. This product line is mainly used for deep well detection.

Operation Principle

As stems from capacitance level control technology, the Radio frequency admittance technology is a more advanced level control technology with a better coating rejection ability therefore more reliable operation, higher accuracy and wider application.  “Admittance” in Radio Frequency Admittance means the reciprocal of impedance. Under basic electrical theory, it is comprised of the value of resistance, capacitance & inductance. While “Radio frequency” means high frequency radio wave, so the radio frequency admittance could be understood as a method to measure admittance through high frequency radio wave. High frequency sine-wave oscillator sends a stable detect signal to measure the admittance value of the sensing element through the capacitance bridge, under direct working mode, the instrument output will increase along with the level arise.