Type E Thermocouple


Type E Thermocouple (Nickel-Chromium/Constantan): The Type E has a stronger signal & higher accuracy than the Type K or Type J at moderate temperature ranges of 1,000F and lower. The type E is also more stable than the type K, which adds to its accuracy.

Type E Temperature Range:
Thermocouple grade wire, -454 to 1600F (-270 to 870C)
Type E Thermocouple Grade Wire-Extension wire, 32 to 392F (0 to 200C)
Type E Accuracy: Standard: +/- 1.7C or +/- 0.5%; Special Limits of Error: +/- 1.0C or 0.4%

Diameters available
1mm, 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 10.8mm 12.7mm and 19mm.