We have taken our PROTEUS-K controller with its proven reliability, advanced technology, versatility, scalability, and enhanced features and packaged it with inventory only probes, 2” stainless steel floats, and 2” AST cap assembly kit to offer an economical solution for monitoring above ground storage tanks.

The PROTEUS PK accepts up to 16 of OMNTEC’s Bright Eye (BX Series) Sensors for distinguishing product from water or for simply detecting the presence of liquid.  A distinct advantage of Bright Eye sensors is they are networked and utilize 4 wire bus technology.

PROTEUS PK does not require sensor or probe input modules, bringing ease to ordering and installation.  A built- in microprocessor gives each sensor the ability to identify itself and its location, which is displayed along with alarm conditions on the PROTEUS 7-inch colour touch screen graphic display.

PROTEUS PK does not require additional modules to drive a remote light and horn, as three programmable on-board relays facilitate this function. With OMNTEC’s proven reliability, the PROTEUS PK offers an attractive, comprehensive, and user-friendly system that can open doors to endless possibilities.