Flanged T & H Section



Hand valves are a plug valve design, available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and primarily used for isolation of pressure gauges, switches and pressure transmitters. These high quality items can be purchased with various inlet and outlet connections.

Needle Valves are very similar in design, except they are capable of metering flow rates very accurately. This is achieved with large movements being made to the handle for small changes in flow.

• Superior Valve-head Technology
• Long Service Life
• Metal to metal seat for positive bubble tight shutoff
• Bonnet to body seal below bonnet threads isolating them from the
process media
• Space saving compact design
• Accurate flow control at low flow rates for sustained periods for
needle valve versions
• Various Cv Ratings available
• Many connection options available. This allows the user great
flexibility and reduces amount of external components needed.
Possible connections are male thread, female thread, tube end, butt
weld and socket weld
• Tube end design eliminates the requirement for additional
compression fittings, thus reducing costs, installation time and
potential leak paths
• Full Traceability back to source
• 100% Pressure tested with nitrogen gas
• 2 Times over-pressure safety margins
• Manifold marking to a minimum of MSS-SP-25