Easidew PRO XP Dew Point Transmitter for Moisture Analysis


The Easidew PRO XP explosion proof dew-point sensor is designed to reliably and accurately measure dew point or moisture content in a wide variety of gas or liquid hazardous analyzer applications. The flexible mechanical design minimises installation time and provides a robust and reliable flameproof transmitter for all global EExd applications. The Easidew sensor can be used in combination with several of Michell’s moisture meters or moisture analyzers.

Moisture in natural gas production and processing
Pipeline drying
Online fiscal metering of gas
Dew-Point measurement in LNG production processing
Petrochemical process liquids
Trace humidity measurement in polymer production
Moisture analysis in CNG drying
IECEx, cCSAus, INMETRO (Br), FM, GOST & ATEX dew-point transmitter